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350 with 330 HP Great for a Budget Build

Specification Sheet







GM Part # 19210007

330 HP      Long Block       

Old part# 12486041

Our lowest priced crate engine, the 330 horsepower 350 HO doesn't sacrifice power or durability, it just pumps up the value. With its four bolt main block, nodular iron crankshaft, PM steel connecting rods and light but strong cast aluminum pistons, this engine screams durability. Add to the strong foundation a pair of 64cc Vortec cast iron cylinder heads and a dual pattern camshaft with just a bit of a "lumpy" idle, and you've got the muscle car small block that you've been looking for. Dressed to impress with chrome valve covers and timing cover, this engine will look great between the fenders of your favorite street rod, muscle car or grass roots racer. The cylinder heads on this great little performer use 1.94" intake and 1.50" exhaust valves that are sprung with 1999 Corvette L3I valve springs. The 64cc chambers yield a healthy, but streetable 9.1 to 1 compression ratio. The cam is a modern dual pattern interpretation of the old '65 to '67 Corvette 327 cam. But with more lift and duration on the exhaust side, it does a better job of clearing exhaust from the combustion chamber. We also decreased duration and lift ever so slightly on the intake side to build more cylinder pressure. The result is a cam that makes great torque and horsepower with the 350 HO's 9.1 to 1 compression ratio. Add the new dual plane intake manifold P/N 12496820, 650 cfm carburetor, HEI distributor, torsional damper, water pump and exhaust manifolds or headers and you've got an outstanding muscle motor with a broad, smooth torque curve and an honest 330 horsepower. This manifold has four bolts, not six, to attach it to the cylinder head. Older six-bolt manifolds will not fit the new Vortec heads. The 350 HO is not intended for marine use, and should only be used in 1975 and earlier pre-emissions street vehicles or any year off road vehicles.  

Technical Notes: Engine ID code is CC. Requires a counterweighted flywheel or flexplate, 10105832, 14088646, 14088650, 14088765, or 12554824. See flywheel chart. Requires torsional damper 6272221 (6.75") or 12555879 (8"). Oil dipstick located on right side. 650 cfm carburetor recommended. Chrome valve covers and timing cover included. Intake manifold, distributor, flywheel, torsional damper, water pump, and exhaust manifolds are not included. Distributor P/N 1104067 or melonized distributor gear P/N 10456413 must be used on all crate engines with steel camshafts


GM Part # 19210008

330 HP     Air filter to oil pan just add your accessories

Old Part # 12496968

The 350 HO Deluxe takes the value leading 350 HO a step further by adding carburetor, distributor, water pump, torsional damper, and auto trans flexplate. This enhancement to the Vortec cylinder head 330 horsepower 350 HO makes it easier than ever to repower your street rod, street machine or sportsman racer. The 600 cfm vacuum secondary Holley carburetor is ideally suited to the 350 HO. And the proven GM HEI distributor will give years of worry-free driving. With a 9.1 to 1 compression ratio, its pump gas friendly, and with its muscle car idle its cruise night cool. With GMPPs lowest priced small-block crate engine there is no reason to rebuild that junk yard clunker and since its complete from carb to pan there is no need to chase parts. Talk to your GM Performance Parts Authorized Dealer about any additional required parts to complete your re-power project. This engine is perfect for your 1975 or older vehicle or any off-road usage.

GM Part # 19210009

330 HP    Complete Ready to Run      

Old Part # 12499711

Save yourself time and money with GMPPs 350 HO Turn-Key kit. You get the 350 HO Deluxe crate engine, plus all the parts necessary to get it running. The Turn-Key kit comes with the accessory drive package (12497698), fuel pump (6415325), starter (10465143), and spark plug wire kit (12361057).

Note: Turn-Key parts included in package, but are not installed.  See 12486041 for engine details.

350 HO Technical Information
Horsepower 330 @ 5000 RPM
Torque 380 Ft. Lbs. @ 38090
Max. Recommended RPM 5500
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Block 10105123 Cast iron four bolt with one piece rear main seal
Crankshaft 14088527 Nodular cast iron
Connecting Rods 10108688 PM steel
Pistons 12361371 Cast aluminum
Piston Rings 14089025
Camshaft 24502476
Lift: .435"I, .460" E.
Duration @ .050: 212 I, 222 E.
Timing Chain 14087014
Cylinder Heads 12558060 Cast iron 64cc Vortec combustion chambers
Intake Valves 10241743 1.94"
Exhaust Valves 12550901 1.50"
Valve Springs 10212811
Rocker Arms 10089648 1.5 ratio
Valve Lash Zero
Spark Plugs R44TS Gap @ .045 (300 HP 350)
41-932 Gap @ .060 (330 Hp 350)
R44LTS Gap @ .045 (330 Hp 350)
Rapid Fire #8 @ .035
Ignition Timing 10 BTDC @ 700 RPM




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